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– What Can COVID-19 Teach Us About Cancer? –

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COVID-19 has taught us that early action makes a difference. Rather than waiting for a cure, we took action to contain the virus and save lives. In the same way, we can contain cancer with early detection. 93% of cancer can be cured when detected in stage 1 but 25% of people don’t know what to look for.

– The Secret You Don’t Know About Cancer –

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Do you wear seatbelts to protect yourself against car accidents? Taking proactive steps to spot cancer can save your life, just like wearing a seatbelt in the car. Learn about why it is important to spot cancer in a timely manner and how to detect cancer early.

– Containing Cancer Before It Spreads –

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Early cancer detection and treatment saves lives. You have the power to contain cancer starting today to save a life. See actionable steps to spot cancer early. 

– Cancer Survival Story –

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This inspiring family shares their story of how three members beat cancer. They have since dedicated their lives to reduce cancer deaths by educating the public on the power of early cancer detection and treatment. Cancer is scary. Many are curable. This video explains some proactive steps you can take today that may save your life from the disease.

– Cancer Facts –

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1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 2 men will have cancer during their lifetime. Many cancers are curable. The video gives you crucial facts and shows some steps to spot cancer early.

– Proactive Plan for Early Cancer Detection –

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Learn some simple steps to help detect many cancers before they have the chance to spread. Most cancers are curable. This video shows 5 steps to spotting cancer that can help reduce cancer deaths starting today.

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As a nonprofit organization, SpottingCancer.Org relies on donations to fund our outreach efforts. However, what is just as important as monetary donations is the donation of time and energy that individuals like you make towards learning about cancer-spotting habits and then spreading that knowledge to your friends and loved ones.