Early detection is the key
to beating cancer!

Why act now?

1 in 2 men,
1 in 2 women,
1 in 330 children...

will have cancer in their lifetime.

According to American cancer society statistics, 93.6% of most cancers are curable if detected early and treated before spreading.(1)


Take action!

Habits Matter in
Spotting Cancer!

What does wearing a seatbelt
have to do with cancer?

A seatbelt habit is a lot like a body monitoring habit- develop the habit, and it could save your life one day! Check out the video to learn more.


Take action!


Hi, I’m Oakley! I’m here to inspire wisdom & learning about what you can do to spot cancer early. Follow my lead, and I’ll show you how to #SpotandSurvive!

As a nonprofit organization, SpottingCancer.Org relies on donations to fund our outreach efforts. However, what is just as important as monetary donations is the donation of time and energy that individuals like you make towards learning about cancer-spotting habits and then spreading that knowledge to your friends and loved ones.

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