Physical Exam (90, 91)

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What is a Physical Exam?

An annual physical examination is a process by which a medical professional examines and discusses with you your concerns so they can give you the reassurance that you are healthy. However, it can also be used as an alarm system to catch health problems at an early stage. You should begin the Spotting Cancer Program by having a physical exam with your primary medical advisor to establish a baseline of your health for future comparisons.

Screening Methods:

During this routine, the doctor will:

  1. Review your family medical history.
  2. Discuss any complaints, concerns or changes you have noticed.
  3. Ask about your lifestyle.
  4. Look at your general appearance.
  5. Take your blood pressure, temperature, weight and oxygen levels.
  6. Perform heart, lungs, head and neck, skin and neurological checks
  7. Check your body for lumps.
  8. Do a complete blood count and urinalysis. Sometimes a stool test is also recommended.
  9. Review and modify monitoring programs and medications based on your physical condition and needs.

It is also critical to contact your medical team if any red flags arise during your self-exams, or if/when you notice a cancer sign or symptom. Remember cancer is NOT self-healing, and it must be treated IMMEDIATELY in hopes of containing it to Stage 1.


Bring your  Family Cancer History Chart  to your first appointment for your doctor to review. Write down a list of questions and issues – body changes, eating habits, bowel movement irregularities, mood changes, etc.

Watch this video to see what happens during a physical exam by a medical team.



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