A Note To Say Thanks For All The Support

Spotting Cancer Corporation is awarded grants by Google and Microsoft.

During the past three years Spotting Cancer has been utilizing various communication methods to create greater public awareness on how individuals can take proactive steps to monitor their body for early detection and timely treatment of cancer.

Google Ad Grant

The Spottingcancer.org web site has been recognized for its contributions to increase cancer survival. As a result, Google has supported the Spotting Cancers mission by providing a $10,000/Mo grant.


This has been a valuable resource that has allowed us to increase our visibility and reach more people with our message. Continued support by Google hinges on engagement and we are very proud to have maintained a high-level of views and downloads that has kept Spottingcancer.org in this amazing program.


With the assistance of Non profit Megaphone, we have been able to create targeted campaigns that helped us increase awareness and educate more people on the five step program to help reduce death from cancer. As a result, over 10,000 people click on the ads monthly. In 2022 979 videos were watched monthly and in addition 13,255 individuals spent over 5 minutes on the site. Hundreds of others download a variety of the available booklets used to help them recognize signs and symptoms of cancer; How to self-check; charting family history; essential screening and testing, plus the importance of a medical team.

Microsoft Grant

Microsoft is known for its commitment to social causes. Late in December of 2022 the company recognized our efforts in educating and expanding awareness in early detection and timely treatment of cancer. As a result, Spottingcancer.org was awarded a $3,000 per month ad grant. We look forward to implementing the program starting February 1, 2023.


In conclusion, we want to once again express our gratitude to Google and Microsoft for their support. Their contributions are vital to our mission of reducing death from cancer. We could accomplish this without them. We would also like to encourage readers to visit our website for more information on the signs and symptoms of cancer; as well as the methods and tools to utilize in monitoring their body for early cancer detection and timely treatment.


Please remember by being proactive, 90 % of cancers are curable.