5 Ways You Can Spring Clean Your Health

Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning and adjusting how your house or environment looks and preparing for a fresh start. The health benefits far outweigh all the other reasons for spring cleaning. Frequently, we focus on other things such as washing windows, changing bedding and dusting surfaces during spring cleaning while forgetting that our mental and physical health also need this process just as much as our houses do.

Healthy habits during spring require dedication, and you’ll be amazed at how spring cleaning positively affects your health. Studies prove that cancer can be spotted early WITH SOME simple healthy practices. Therefore, try aiming at sustainable healthy habits STARTING THIS spring that will improve your general health and ALLOW FOR EARLY DETECTION OF HEALTH ISSUES. Below are some ways you can spring clean for better health.

Get Out in the Sun

After winter, it’s time to get back out and bask in some natural light. The benefits of sun exposure abound, given that you protect yourself against UV rays. The body produces vitamin D with enough sunlight, which is necessary for strong bone health and other body functions.

But, it is important to stay in touch with how your body changes due to environmental factors like the sun. Speak to your doctor about scheduling an appointment to determine where you are before you start spending time outside in the sun on a regular basis and then scanning over time to watch if anything changes. Scheduling a follow up after Summer to see if there are any problem areas is a great way to close the loop.   Review our skin self-exam for recommendations.

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Let In the Fresh Air

Once the weather turns warmer, many of us love to open windows. Let the fresh air in, air out the home, and remove musty odors. While doing this, also look at other things you are breathing in from candles, air fresheners, and cleaning products. What are the ingredients? Are there harmful chemicals that can affect your health? Ditch the toxins and look for products that are clean, pet friendly, environmentally friendly, and most important safer for you and your family!  AND OF COURSE CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATES ON ALL YOUR MEDICINTIONS AND FOODS

Share with Your Family at Gatherings

As we start to gather with our families more and more, take a few moments to discuss family histories. This is information you can share with your doctors to track where there is a cause of concern for your health. This will help the medical team deciding which tests and screenings you should have, what age to start, and where to start their focus. Here is a free resource to download for tracking family history.

Monitor Your Body Parts

Yes! IT is just as important as all the other spring-cleaning practices TO CHECK YOUR BODY FOR health issues that easily go unnoticed. From heart health to gut health and tracking blood glucose levels, basic home health monitors exist to help provide useful insight without the hassle of complex procedures. As part of a spring-cleaning process, you can use digital devices such as a smartwatch, smartphone and a health monitoring device compatible to sync data.

Home health monitoring includes monitoring various body parts to try and detect any signs of cancer early. When monitoring your body as part of health cleaning, you should cover all body parts and report to the doctor in case of any issues for medical checks and testing.

Schedule Regular Screening and Health Check Appointments

Even after performing home health monitoring of your body, still, you should check in with a health professional regularly. Make it a habit to schedule CRITICAL tests and screening to help you keep track of your health and be able to notice and report any strange changes whenever they happen.

There exist various national medical screening programs for different diseases, especially cancer. Screening your body for cervical, breast or bowel cancer can help early detection leading to practical measures. Thus, make it your responsibility to plan for tests and screenings.

Due to weather or the pandemic, you may have missed appointments. Work with your medical team to reschedule these appointments. It is important to have a baseline, and then regular screenings to monitor any changes that happen along the way.


Although healthy habits should be maintained through all seasons, a new season is still a perfect chance to clean your system for a better and longer health. It takes discipline, dedication and immense self-care practices to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spring cleaning practices such as eating well, getting sufficient sleep, staying active, monitoring your body parts and participating in medical screening programs can spot signs and symptoms of developing various chronic diseases, including cancer. Having a support system is also helpful, and remember to talk to a doctor or general practitioner for recommendations and advice before making any significant lifestyle changes. And if you need to learn more about spotting cancer, visit our page and save lives.